Fathers Day Gifts

The Finest Father’s Day Gifts To Make Dad Feel Special

Father’s Day inspires appreciation, respect and love for a man who is a steady source of security and guidance in the lives of his family. Yes, fathers deserve to be shown and told how much they are loved and appreciated on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with today’s active and busy lifestyles, this can be a gesture that is often overlooked and neglected. So Father’s Day is your chance to offer a thoughtful gift and a card to show how you feel.

Honoring his ‘special day’ should not be left to last minute choices. Everyone wants to make his or her Dad feel special and cherished on Father’s Day, but due to busy schedules, inspiration is often a luxury, let alone the time to create something unique. Considering what to give Dad on Father’s Day can often prove to be frustrating, especially for the dad who has everything, or is difficult to please.

Take heart in knowing there are some thought-provoking and timeless treasures that make wonderful Father’s Day gifts. One great thing to know, is that many of the finest presents to give Dad do not have to break the bank. All that is needed is imagination, a little ingenuity, creativity and lots of love to make Dad feel like the special man that he is. Finding that special present does not have to be a wild goose chase.

Playing Detective

A good starting point is to do a little bit of prying into Dad’s recent personal activities. Perhaps there is a particular restaurant he loves to frequent these days. Maybe he’s even discovered a fun new hobby. The tricky part, is discovering what it is that Dad is involved in, but has otherwise been keeping to himself. Help him enjoy himself.

Perhaps he has been hinting that he needs something new, yet has not indulged in buying the item for himself. Try to practice the art of flushing-out and identifying little hints he may have been unraveling bit by bit. Knowing what a father wants, not necessarily what he needs, is essential in choosing the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad.

Ditch the Traditional

Some plans, regardless of their well-meaning, often need rethinking. Forget about buying that hideous looking tie that is on sale at the department store. When it’s time to devise a plan that consists of practical, yet fun and sometimes awe-inspiring gifts, here are some ideas guaranteed to make Dad smile:

  • Give Dad a gift certificate to his favorite sporting goods store. What man does not love sports, and what better way to show him you know what he loves than buy giving him the option to shop at his favorite store.
  • Fathers will be so busy taking care of their families, that they often they neglect to take care of their own health. Buy Dad a membership to the local gym or fitness center. He will be receiving the gift of good health and enjoying himself in the process. This is the gift that will keep on giving. It’s also doing something positive to promote better health for Dad.
  • While on the subject of health, another idea for a gift card would be a certificate to a local vitamin shop. Alternately, try gathering a bunch of essential health care products, such as vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition bars, etc., and neatly wrap them in a felt-lined gift basket. Dad will appreciate being taken care of in terms of his health and well-being.
  • For those who are on a tight budget, yet want to show Dad he’s thought of and remembered, a little token of love might be a personalized photo mug, beer stein or coffee cup. This is is a practical gift that would make Dad think of his son or daughter each and every day. Try filling the mug with his favorite chocolates and covering with cellophane wrapping.
  • A personalized piece of jewelry, such a a wristwatch would be an extremely sentimental gift and sure to inspire lifelong memories as well. A special engraving would make this gift complete. For a change of pace from a timepiece, a neck chain with a personalized pendant makes a wonderful Father’s Day gift as well.
  • For the younger crowd who loves arts and crafts, the options are unlimited. Comprise a family photo album, with special pages and quips to commemorate certain events that held meaning for Dad and his loved ones. A scrapbook of memories depicting places and occasions will take Dad through a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane.
  • Simple things can mean so much. Why not take Dad out for a lovely relaxed dinner. The two of you can talk and catch up on things at a leisurely level and pace. Afterward, plan to attend a movie, play or some other type of concert or show to top off the evening. Of course, tickets to see his favorite sports team would always be appreciated.
  • If Dad enjoys cooking on the grill, get him a personalized apron to wear while cooking up his favorite recipes. Don’t stop there. Add to Dad’s enjoyment by gifting him with a new set of grilling tools. What a fun Father’s day gift idea that could be!
  • How about a new tool belt and some fancy new high tech tools? That is always a hit with the handyman Dad. Mr. Fix-It will think of his favorite son (or daughter) each and every time he builds something new.
  • Men love their gadgets, there is no doubt about it. With that in mind, a few more Father’s Day gift ideas might be accessories for his cell phone or iPod. There are many fun little novelties designed to team up with his favorite toy. The difficult factor in this will be resisting temptation to keep them.
  • Speaking of toys, if Dad is the father to a large brood, planning a family game night could be a fun way to spend Father’s Day. It might not be typically perceived as a ‘gift’ for him, but time spent with his family is to be treasured. That’s what Dad’s day should be all about, after all!
  • For the Dad who is young at heart, perhaps buy him a new video game console. Be sure it’s that must have system he’s been raving about. Last but not least, include a few popular games Dad is sure to love and he’ll be eternally grateful.

Getting back to the concept that it’s all about Dad, there are more ideas to consider for Father’s Day presents. If Dad is a fishing enthusiast as many men are, a great gift idea might be some new fishing gear. Check online for some unique gift ideas relating to fishing. Alternately, if Dad is an avid golfer, a new set of clubs would surely be appreciated.

  • Wine or other types of liquor could be a gift of choice. What better way to unwind after a long hard day at the office than with his favorite liquor. Choose wisely, and remember, there’s no need to remind Dad to drink responsibly.
  • A subscription to his favorite magazine is a nice idea, and sure to be well received. Most often he will neglect to treat himself to this type of leisurely fun. Now is a good time to do the favor for him.
  • Why not show Dad how much you care by offering to wash and polish his car? Don some old clothes and prepare to have some sudsy clean fun, all for the love of the best man on planet earth.

The kids might enjoy making Daddy a personalized poem, painting or drawing. This can be a fun way to get creative and offer up a Father’s Day gift that represents a new found tradition. That said, it’s time to start one today.

  • Father’s Day T shirts are always popular and a nice memento to commemorate his special day. There are a wide array available online or at local shops. As an alternative, the kids can get out their T shirt markers and create a loving creation for Dad he is sure to cherish.
  • Present Dad with a handmade coupon book. Each coupon should be redeemable for special rewards such as a home cooked meal, or household chore of his choice to be completed without whining or complaints.
  • Buy Dad a book on his favorite topic, or present him with a gift card to his favorite book store. For something a little extra special, present Dad with a membership to a book club. This is a very thoughtful gift for the man who loves to read.
  • If he’s in need of a new wallet, present Dad with a leather billfold and place a special photo inside. Don’t forget to add a special wallet sized card with a poem or prayer that will remind him how very lucky – and loved – he truly is.
  • Make Dad feel extra comfortable and cozy with a brand new ottoman or footstool. Now he can relax while watching his favorite TV programs. Whenever he puts his feet up there will be no guesswork as to who he is thinking of!
  • To keep Dad looking handsome and dashing, present him with a shiny new electric shaver. Let him indulge without the hassle of having to use shaving cream. It will also reduce time spent on shaving considerably, and that is something all busy Dads can appreciate!
  • If Dad could use a little organization in his life, a thoughtful present for Father’s Day might be an organizer that will hold the remote, magazines, glasses and snacks. It he’s a couch potato, he’ll love this concept.
  • An emergency road kit is a nice gesture to gift dad with. Everyone wants their parents to be safe while driving, however in the event of a mishap on the road, some essentials could prove very valuable in a necessity. These kits can be purchased from a supplier or store, or assembled at home.

Of course, these gift ideas are just the beginning, and only presented to inspire a few ideas. The most fundamental aspect in gift giving for Father’s Day, is the thought that goes along with it. Often times the most appreciated gifts are not those that are bought at a high end department store. Simply choosing to spend time with Dad can be more fulfilling than any expensive present that didn’t take more than a passing thought to acquire.

  • In the event that Dad lives miles away and visits are far and few between, a thoughtful present could be a phone calling card plan and brand new cellular phone. This is another gift that will keep on giving and will be utilized on a regular basis. Unlimited minutes to speak with his children means unlimited laughter and reminiscing.
  • If Dad is a grandfather, it’s a lovely idea to have the grand kids play a crucial role in making this day extra special. Have them make homemade cards or drawings, and write special poems depicting what their grandfather means to them. This will make Father’s Day very meaningful for everyone.
  • When staying in touch through telephone calls simply is not enough, the ultimate gift to bestow on a father is a webcam. There is no need to communicate merely by voice when the power to visualize what the other is doing is now possible. Being online at the same time as Dad will allow for interactive fun for the entire family, when being together in person isn’t always possible.
  • Because Dad has always been there with unrelenting patience, support, encouragement and faith, it’s now time to repay the love. A unique and thoughtful Father’s Day gift could be a plaque dedicated to Dad. Have it personalized with a sentiment straight from the heart.
  • For Dads who work at the office, there are ways to keep a reminder of his children close by, with a Father’s Day photo frame. This way he can keep a photo of his offspring right by his side. He’ll feel close to his children no matter how busy his day might be. Another idea with an office theme is giving Dad some practical desk decor, which has been personalized to reflect a little bit of the man himself.
  • If Dad is a movie buff or television fan, a gift set of DVDs are sure to please. These days it’s possible to find gift sets of entire television series available for purchase. Discover what Dad’s favorites are , then go to town!
  • For those who wish to indulge Dad with an extraordinary present which imbues that special touch, why not commission a portrait of his children? Surprise him with an oil painting or watercolor to capture the essence of his children – and of fatherhood. This gift will inspire memories to cherish for a lifetime.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that Father’s Day is designated to remind Dad how much he’s loved. It’s not about impressing your siblings or friends by how much you have spent. By showing Dad he’s loved and appreciated, you will help your father appreciate the true meaning of Fathers Day.

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