Fathers Day Gift Baskets

A basket filled with items that specifically relate to a man’s hobbies, guilty pleasures or lifestyle is an excellent Father’s Day gift. You can find baskets that are designed around a certain theme or you can make your Father’s Day gift more personal by selecting individual items and creating a basket designed just for your father. There are numerous gift basket ideas to consider.

gift baskets for Fathers DayBring on Food Filled Baskets

Food themed baskets are a popular choice and you have many to select from such as:

  • a basket filled with different types of cheese and crackers
  • a basket filled with various types of popcorn, seasonings, flavorings, bowls, and possibly even a popcorn popper
  • you could create a basket filled with his favorite snack food, dips, and sauces
  • a basket filled with nostalgic candies like he used to eat when he was a child
  • coffee and tea companies have a wide selection of baskets that include mugs, coffee makers, tea pots, spoons, and many other related items. Some companies allow you to customize your selection of coffee or tea.
  • gourmet baskets filled with delicious items he wouldn’t splurge on for himself
  • baskets designed with a person’s health in mind, such as the “heart healthy” food basket is a subtle way to encourage your father to adopt healthier eating habits

For baskets that relate to your father’s hobbies you have choices such as:

  • Sports related baskets which might include shirts, hats, glasses or mugs with his favorite team logo on them, or game related items such as a football, tennis balls, golf balls, etc.
  • Fishing baskets which contain items for his tackle box as well outdoor necessities such as insect repellent, a stool, a hat, and various other items
  • Grill accessory baskets
  • baskets filled with gardening items such as garden tool, gloves, seed packets, plant labels, and knee pads
  • Reading baskets filled with books, a book light, book marks, and highlighting pens
  • Puzzle baskets filled with books containing brain teasers, crosswords, etc.
  • Chef’s basket filled with cookbooks, gourmet spices, herbal vinegars, cooking utensils, and more

Special interest baskets

If your dad has some particular interests or hobbies, a specific gift basket can make the most of it for sure:

  • Patriotic baskets filled with military books, a flag, American made food products in red, white, and blue packaging, patriotic notepad and pen set
  • Environmentally conscious baskets filled with eco-friendly products

Anyone would be delighted to receive a gift basket containing items that relate uniquely to their own life. Creating such a basket is a rewarding adventure.

  • You could create a memory basket for your father that includes photos from his childhood, family photos, vacation photos, and photos of his pets both past and present.
  • You could create a basket filled with an assortment of his favorite foods, include homemade foods if you enjoy cooking.
  • If your father has a workshop, fill a basket with items he can use in there. You could include small tools, organization boxes, hooks, nails, and numerous other items generally found in a workshop.
  • If your father frequently and meticulously cleans his car or truck, you can create a car care basket for him and include some high quality cleaning products and towels.
  • If your father travels a lot, a basket with items to make his time away from home less stressful would be nice. You could include a neck pillow, comfortable slippers, an aromatherapy toiletry kits, a small photo collection of his family, and some favorite snack items.

For the dad who works hard all day and deserves relaxation in the evening, you could create a basket filled with items that encourage rest and relaxation. Bath related items such as a loofah brush, scented soap, and masculine scented shaving gel, aftershave, or body lotion are a good starting point. Add to that some comfortable slippers, and a good book, his favorite music, DVD, or magazine and you will have him set for an evening of relaxation.

There is an unlimited amount of gift basket ideas that would make any father feel loved and appreciated, not only on Father’s Day, but throughout the year as he enjoys the gifts that were included in the basket. Just take a few minutes to think about the things your father likes, his hobbies, his interests, and possibly the things he neglects to buy for himself and you will have plenty of ideas for ways to fill a personalized gift basket.

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