Fathers Day T-Shirts

Planning the Perfect Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day only comes around once a year, so you certainly want to make it special, memorable and hands-down entertaining! Whether you have small children in the home or a clan of stubborn teens, a Father’s Day gift is always in order. It can be difficult to know what to get for dads, or men in general.

While dads may love painted coffee mugs and picture frames, try something new this year that Dad will really enjoy, something that the whole family will love! Father’s Day t-shirts are the perfect way to add humor, fun and sensitivity all in one, making dads all over the world proud to be who they are!

tshirts for fathers dayWhy Father’s Day T-Shirts Make the Best Gifts

One of the important features to buying gifts is that you want them to be practical and useful to the recipient. T-shirts, which are comfortable and made from soft cotton materials, are handy and can be worn throughout the year, while working in the yard, or lounging around the home. They are also a unique way to show off a proud dad, especially one who is celebrating his very first Father’s Day.

T-shirts can be humorous, sensitive or plain, so it’s easy to choose the right tee for the dad in your life. Not only are these t-shirts great for dads, but they can also be worn by other members in the family. For example, a daughter can wear a tee that says “Daddy’s Girl” or both a father and son can wear matching shirts that say “Trouble”. These are cute and unique ways to show a bond between a father and his children, while amusing the rest of the family. Even better, these tees double-up as play shirts and lounge shirts for the rest of the year.

Father’s Day shirts are inexpensive, most costing between $10 and $20. They can also be customized to a dad’s particular tastes, such as by adding his name, the names of his children or his favorite sports team. They’re easy to ship if Dad lives out of town and easy to pack if you’re planning on visiting Dad for the big day. Don’t forget that everyone can get in on the fun by choosing a shirt for Dad or wearing one of their own!

Types of Father’s Day Shirts

There are plenty of shirts on the market to please Dad this year, so consider whether he’d like something funny or plain. If it’s a memorable Father’s Day, there are also shirts to celebrate these occasions.

For example, a new dad or grandpa would love a shirt to mark the special occasion, along with dads who may coach, mentor or be involved in sports, cooking or gardening. Don’t forget themed shirts as well, such as those that have the Superman logo but say Superdad instead. These tees are great for dads who love television and movies.

If you’d rather settle on something plain, opt for a t-shirt that has something simple printed, such as “Happy Father’s Day”, “Best Dad Ever”, or “Top Pop”. There are also customizable t-shirts that cost a bit more and take longer to make, but they are worth the wait.

Consider having Dad’s name or favorite number printed on the shirt or the names of his precious cargo – his kids! Besides fun logos and sayings, Father’s Day t-shirts also come in an array of colors, cuts and styles, complementing your own Dad and his taste.

Making Your Own Father’s Day Shirts

Sometimes what you really want to say to Dad can’t be found on a t-shirt. In these cases, you can make your own t-shirts that will be just as loved and cherished as the ones you can buy in stores.

For this project, you will need plain t-shirts, preferably in light colors. You can then choose to use fabric paints or fabric markers to complete the shirts and make them your own. Try placing the footprints or handprints of tiny tots on the shirt, as well as names and dates that are special to Dad.

If you like the idea of making your own shirts but have little patience for arts and crafts, opt for a company that makes Father’s Day shirts with digital pictures printed on them. That way, you can personalize the shirt with your favorite pictures, yet you won’t have to worry about doing the dirty work. These screen printed shirts will be instantly loved by Dad and everyone else, plus they will serve as a piece of memorabilia, as the pictures will capture photos of happy times.

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