Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Cheap Fathers Day Gift Ideas

With the economy being what it is today, most people believe that the only thing they can afford on Fathers Day is a phone call. If you do enough research on the Internet, you can find a lot of great deals for a cheap Fathers Day gift.

Many people do not know what to get their fathers on Fathers’ Day, so they end up buying something easy, like a gift card. You don’t have to put a lot of thought or time into it, and most fathers are happy with that because they can buy whatever they want.

But gift cards should be more for a Christmas gift than a Fathers Day gift. Fathers want to be acknowledged on their special day, just as much as mothers want to be acknowledged on Mothers’ Day.


The great news, is you don’t have to go crazy to try to properly honor your father. There are plenty of cheap Fathers’ Day gifts that don’t look or feel cheap.

Personalized Coffee Cups, Playing Cards, and Coasters:

Buying a personalized coffee cup with a wonderful family picture on it could be a great gift for any father. He can take this personalized coffee cup to work and it’ll be easy to brag to co-workers about what great kids he has – he can show them. When the children are grown and gone, this coffee cup might be the perfect means to trigger a fond remembrance.

Coffee cups are usually very cheap. The cheapest coffee cup you can find on the Internet is going to be around $5.99, and once the photo is added to the coffee cup, it will cost about $10.50. It is a cheap Fathers Day gift that can last a lifetime.

You can also buy personalized playing cards with a dad’s favorite images one them, for those fathers who love to play a game of poker on a Wednesday night with his buddies. Personalized photo-coasters to slip under their photo coffee cup can be had for as little as $18.00.

Kobalt 4-piece Locking Pliers Set

For adults who want to get their fathers something unique for this special day, there are a lot of tools and tool kits that most every father can use around the house.

You can buy a decent hammer for less than $10, or a really nice one for about $20. On most shopping websites they will have links and pages filtered by price ranges, such as “$50 or less.” Once you click on the link, it will show of the tools and kits you can buy for less than $50. Tools like the Kobalt 4-piece Locking Pliers Set which also comes with a Kobalt lifetime warranty.Father can use these tools to work on his cars or the cars of others.

Other options include a Task Force 51-Piece Tool and Socket Set for $25. A quick search on the Internet will list the different brands of tools such as Hitachi, DeWalt, Porter Cable, Skil, and Kobalt. If your dad has always had good luck with Hitachi tools, you can likely find a couple of different options that keep it under $50.

Mr. Bar-B-Que Grills

For sons who want to splurge on their fathers, they can buy a Mr. Bar-B-Que Grill for less than $105, and Mr. Bar-B-Que 18 Piece Plastic Finger Grip Tools for $50. For all of those fathers who love to have family cookouts on a Sunday with the whole family together, would love these great Fathers Day Gifts. It’s not hard to find a Fathers Day gift for a father. If you knows what your father really enjoys doing, you can certainly find deals for every hobby.

White River Fly Shop Rod and Reel Combo:

For all of those fathers who love to fish, there are deals galore on fishing poles and fishing lures on the Internet. A person can buy a Rapala X-Rap Xtreme Action Slashbait for as little as $8, or a White River Fly Shop Rod and Reel Combo for $89. Fathers and sons can spend Fathers Day at the lake fishing and then coming back home with stories of the one that got away.

Shopping online is much easier than going to a store to shop today. You don’t even have to leave home. When you go into a store or shopping center, you could spend hours looking for the perfect gift.  The time spent shopping at a store with hundreds of other shoppers can be frustrating.

When shopping online, you can take all the time you want and find the exact products you need within seconds. With websites that offer search by the name of a product, complete product lines can be sitting in front of you within a matter of minutes. There are no check-out lines and no waiting.

So shopping for a cheap Fathers Day gift does not have to be a hassle anymore. It can be a quick and easy experience that can be handled online to allow more time to enjoy a wonderful Fathers Day full of family fun and bonding.

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