Fathers Day Cards

Cards are a wonderful way to creatively express your personality and the unique relationship you have with the person you are sending the card to. You can take general homemade card ideas and customize them so that they express the exact sentiment you want them to. Fathers Day makes a perfect day to make a homemade card Dad will treasure for a lifetime!

Fathers Day cards

Homemade cards young children can create

The most basic card a young child can make for their father is one that has their own art work on it. Even if the lines are simply scribbles, that card becomes a treasure. A first time father would be delighted to receive a card with his baby’s hand print or foot print on it. Mom could write some sentimental or humorous comments on the card.

There are numerous online templates that you can print off for children to color and convert into a card. But a little time, some creativity, and some construction paper and crayons will also do the trick!

With a little adult assistance, young children can make thumb print pictures on a card and decorate it for their dad. Adding stamped designs to a card is a simple way to adorn it. Older children can create cards using a punch design or using the tidbits of designs they punch out of paper.

Children love to use glue. For children old enough to safely use scissors, a collage card is fun to make, fun to give, and fun to receive. They can cut pictures from a magazine of things that interest their father or of things they associate with their father. Pictures of someone fishing, playing golf, enjoying a ball game, gardening, mowing the lawn, a dad playing in the park with kids, a car like dad’s or any of the many other pictures that relate to them and their father. Or, the collage could simply be made of pictures that the child likes and wants to put on there.

A child’s drawing of his father could be the beginning of a very humorous card. Add captions that add to the picture.

Homemade cards older children can make:

An older child can make a more mature-themed collage. Using copies of family photos to  create a memory collage would become a card a father would be happy to receive. The collage could be created using funny memories and humorous pictures.

  • Dig into the archives and find those pictures that show dad at his silliest moments or that show a “Mr. Fix-It” mishap.
  • The collage could be made of family vacation and holiday photos.

There are numerous ideas for creating a collage that allows for a lot of creativity and individual expression.

  • Older children can make pop-up cards using instructions you can find online or in craft books.
  • Cards that are folded in creative ways such as to resemble a shirt, an envelope, or various other designs make memorable cards.
  • Embellish a card with items that relate to dad’s hobbies or interests.
  • There are many places online and numerous joke books available where you can locate jokes to add to your homemade cards.
  • A book of quotations would also be a good resource for humorous or poignant additions to a card.

Family cards for dad:

A group of siblings can make a card together for their father. This idea works for young children or for adult children. The card can be made in the form of a booklet with each child having a page of their own to decorate as they choose and to write whatever they want to. They can also add a photo of themselves. A picture that shows them alone or with their father in a comical situation would be a wonderful addition to the card.

Miscellaneous father’s day card ideas

  • Turn your card into a thank you card letting your father know how much you appreciate all he has done for you.
  • If your father or husband has a favorite four legged companion, you can create a cute card for him using safe paint and paw prints.
  • You can make an edible card for your father by baking a big cookie in a rectangular shape and decorating it like a card.
  • Put a picture of yourself in a card with a face smeared with cake icing, use crayons or the real thing. Write a note of regret about the cake and wishes for a fun father’s day.
  • Write you own comical poem to add to a blank store bought card.

As you can see, when it comes to being creative on Father’s day, the sky is really the limit! Have fun, and use this occasion and your cards as a way to tell Dad how much he means to the family.

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